the Blue Eyed Horse
, Inc.
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Dedicated to promoting the blue eyed horse in all aspects of horsemanship!

Congratulations, you have just found the the Association that is taking the horse world by storm!  We are a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) corporation.  Our goal is promote, provide education, show, and track the blue eyed horse.  We at the Blue Eyed Horse Association decided it was time to document and study blue eyed horses and their uniqueness and put an end to needless disposal of horses because of this sometimes misunderstood trait.  Many registries have been started as a means for tracing and understanding various traits in horses.  With future and past documentation of blue eyed horses and forums we hope to help shed some light on this sometimes "touchy" subject.  We will continue to support the breeding of quality horses and adding a bit of "flare" with some sparkling blue-eyes to boot! DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE, see how you can help....below!

05/17/06 has added the BEHA to their breeds list!

04/26/06 has added the BEHA to their breeds lists too!

04/18/06 has listed the BEHA for marketing your blue-eyed stallion!

04/13/06  THANK YOU www.HORSEVILLE.COM for accepting the BEHA and offering us yet another place to market our BEHA HORSES!


 THE FIRST Horse Classified to officially ACCEPT THE BEHA as a breed

This registry is about people enjoying horses and specifically the blue eyed horse--with full or partial blues!

  • To be eligible for registration, your horse must have a NOTICIBLE (easily seen via photographs) blue spot in one or both eyes.
  • Need NOT be registered with any other registry.
  • Submit two clear color photographs clearly showing EACH eye. Two full body shots of EACH side of the horse to be registered.
  • If horse is registered with a main breed registry--name must be listed as Primary first name request as listed with breed registry.  A copy of the FRONT of the primary breed registration to be included.  An additional TWO alternate names should be listed, for a total of THREE name choices.
  • ANY HORSE, regardless of size (including ponies), breed, or papers with BLUE in one or both eyes is eligible and will receive REGISTRY papers from the BEHA and will be eligible for all current and future programs. 
  • Offspring of BEHA registered horses are eligible for breeding stock registration--with additional generations registerable for tracking purposes.
  • Membership and Registry fees are payable via check or money order, or through PAY PAL.  See below for Fee Schedule.
  • INTERNATIONAL registry...all countries welcome with US communications and funds. 

You must become a member to register your horse.  Fee schedule listed below.  All registered horses will receive a frame ready Certificate of Registration with an exclusive registration number.  Horse will become a permenant REGISTERED horse with the BEHA.   With member permission, stories and/or photos of registered horses will be posted and linked to member FREE.  Registered horses will be eligible to compete in BEHA ONLINE and real time Shows, Contests and Raffles.

 new21.gifFLASH:new21.gif  Please remember that ANY donation, LARGE OR SMALL is GREATLY appreciated and needed to help keep our fees down!  If you have a small business, large business, are a member or are not a member, please consider making a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation to the BEHA.  Our efforts are bringing awareness to the QUALITY of blue-eyed horses and helping to end the needless disposal of these glorious animals.  Pay pal is available to , or mail your donation to the address below!  Any item can be used as potential raffle items or awarded as prizes.. 

Thank you to the BEHA Members, potential Members, and horses that supported our efforts at the Nebraska Horse Expo.
Specifically we would like to thank Janet, Jo, Deena, Denise,Twyla, and Juli and their families and friends for their hard work and dedication to the BEHA!

These pages are updated all the time, please stop by often.  The last update was 05/17/06

The Blue Eyed Horse Association
116 East Nowlin Street
Rapid City, SD 57701-1004
605-718-3608 office      605-388-3123 fax
phone calls are recorded in our voice mail system and responded to in the order they arrive, generally within 24-48hrs.

Emails are the quickest form of communication, all emails will be answered within 24hrs unless otherwise noted.


Email   to get your registration application sent via ADOBE READER file. 

Registration can be completed via "snail mail" or
entirely ONLINE with secure payments through Pay Pal

Forms maybe emailed or faxed, photos emailed or "snail mailed".

We are Pay pal Verified!

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A word from BEHA member at Danger Ranch about Coat Color Genetics and the Blue Eyes,click here.

We host an ANNUAL Online Horse Show!, visit our pages to see who won the First Annual vote for top BEHA horses!  ALL BEHA horses ARE WINNERS!   Categories include

  1. Fabulous Foals
  2. Super Stallions
  3. Greatest Geldings
  4. Most Marvelous Mares

Please help your horse by entering contests for more points and the overall standings within the BEHA.  Please submit copies of your horses year end point status within other registries for additional points in the BEHA too!  By participating in our contests, you also help to keep our fees low!

 Fee Schedule *we do offer "hardship" financing.  If you cannot afford the necessary fees, we will accept payments and will hold full registration until the funds are complete.  Horse will be "probationary" registered and eligible for contests and earning points.  Fees can be paid over 12mths.  INQUIRE ABOUT HARDSHIP financing by clicking here-- HARDSHIP FINANCING  

2006 Fees–Effective January 1, 2006 12:01AM Mountain TimeAll existing members may register ONE HORSE per year for only $10..Membership is a CREDIT..towards any BEHA activity (i.e. contest entry fees).  Membership fees help support us in advertising and events! 

Membership 1yr: $20   International Membership 1yr: $30
Membership 3yrs: $50  International Membership 3yrs: $75
Membership 5yrs: $75  International Membership 5yrs: $95
Lifetime US/Canada: $200    Lifetime International : $300

You must become a BEHA Member to register a horse.


If you are a new Member, your membership fee allows you to register as follows.

Your first horse with new membership          $10
Additional Horses with new membership     $10 each
5-6 horses with new membership                $50
7 horses with new membership                   $65
8-10 horses with new membership              $80

Multiple horses discounted ONLY if submitted at the same time.



Existing Members

Registration Fees- all horses, all ages.Each renewed or lifetime member will be entitled to register ONE horse per year for only $10 (international $20).  This benefit is limited to an individual registration and may not be combined with multi horse discounts.  Multi registrations will be the multi horse rate plus $10. 

   US/CANADA                 INTERNATIONAL
                                              (all other countries)

1 Horse :      $10                1 Horse : $20
            Single Registration              
after ONE annual:$10         after ONE annual: $30
4-6 Horses : $55                       4-6 : $70
7 Horses :    $70                 7horses: $85
8-10 Horses : $85                 8-10 : $100

FARM REGISTRATION: We offer exclusive Farm Registration, that allows Farm owners the exclusive right to use that name within the BEHA.  Horses may be registered using your farm name only with your permission. Minimum of 3yrs required.   Farm registrations are transferable, adding to the sale value of your farm.  Transfer fees apply.

              $40 for three years
              $50 for five years
              $300 for Lifetime Registration


Any horse regardless of size, breed, or color with Any(must be easily seen via photographs) amount of BLUE in one or both eyes is eligible for registration.


Any shade of blue–from very light to royal blue is accepted. The blue may be mixed with any other color, the blue must be easily identified via photographs.


Any eye color other then blue is not accepted unless mixed with blue. Green is not an accepted color, unless mixed with blue.


All offspring of registered Blue Eyed Horses are eligible for registration regardless of eye color. Certificate of breeding must be submitted to register non blue-eyed horses.  This is done as a means for us to track blue eye genetics.


Registration transfer fee is $10 plus applicable membership fees.


      WITHIN 30 DAYS

Corrections to the registration certificate will be done for free if the error is by our office (correct information given, but typos are made)–if we are notified within 30 days of the date of registration. Corrections will be done for $5 –for errors made by members during registration– if we are notified within 30 days of the date of registration.

        OVER 30 DAYS

Corrections for any reason after 30 days will be charged a flat fee of $8.


Registration for foals pending registration with other registry i.e. AQHA, APHA, PtHA, etc.
Foals will be assigned a registration # and posted for contests, shows, or for sale. Certificate will be held until confirmation of other breed registration is completed. Confirmation is merely a copy of the official breed papers. Upon receipt of confirmation, an official certificate will be sent with final approved name–there is NO additional fee for this service so long as Member notifies us on registration application that registration is "pending". If we are not notified and any changes are made, then CORRECTIONS fee will apply.

* As this registry progresses we will be continuing our efforts for promoting blue eyed horses including tips for caring for them!  All BEHA horses are used in th REAL WORLD for riding, showing, breeding and general enjoyment.  Blue Eyed Horses are unique, but NOT different than any other horse BECAUSE of their blue eyes.  Horses with blue eyes are NOT disposable, nor is any other living creature, just because they appear different or unique.  Any animal is not a responsibility to be taken lightly, please KNOW the facts before you choose any animal.  Look around and do research and learn the FACTS and as always "BUYER BEWARE".  Ask questions, all our registered members and sponsors have valuable information--please check with them and learn from each other.  This registry is PERSON FRIENDLY, please share any questions or comments with us, lets share experiences to improve upon our horses and understandings!**

The Blue Eyed Horse Association reserves the right to rewrite, change or add to or delete any and all information now and into the future as seen on these web pages and other printed material.

All rights reserved 2005- 

 A special Thank you to our Sponsors-

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