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Horse Show Central

America 's most complete horse portal, with information on shows, breeds, and all things horse related. If it relates to horses in the USA, you will find it here.

Each category listed on the left provides its own separate search facility allowing you to search by name, breed, state, and date, if relevant.

Locate: horse shows and events; stallions at stud; trainers and riding instructors; horses for sale; show service providers; stables, ranches and farms; classifieds for tack and much more.

Utilize the information on this site for national and international registries for horse breeds as well as national and international horse associations.

HSC provides a Central listing and information gathering location on the internet to all horse industries within the United States . All listings are cross referenced and appear under their name, state, AND under each and every breed or discipline that they service, as well as by date if the listing is a show or event.

We help horse shows and associations attract exhibitors and members, and we help exhibitors who want information at their fingertips. We help the people who make Horse Shows happen! Further, we provide a great tool for the all horse industries in the USA.

No longer do horse people in search of industry information have to visit 6 websites to learn what 6 businesses or shows have to offer. Our listings and search facilities allow intensive comparison shopping, while visiting individual websites is also made easy.

by reading horse show details provided on site all year long. Each complete listing provides tons of information about each unique horse show.

• COMPARISON SHOP for the the right cross for your mare, from complete stallion details, including performance and progeny as well as bloodlines. Shop for the ideal trainer or the best instructor.

• LOCATE AND SELECT a wide variety of the best equine products made available by the top businesses across the nation.

As this site evolves, it will include not only vital, relevant horse-business assistance information and links to show and competition information across the internet, but it will also include contact information for those who see the benefit of advertising to a global audience!

HSC has implemented a variety of advertising options on this site including both free listings and very detailed , regular listings which are more like “Mini-Webs” and also more complete than anything else offered on the net.

Everyone who lists on Horse Show Central also has the convenience of updating their information whenever they wish simply by logging in to their own private online administration area.

TO CHECK PRICES or ADD YOUR LISITNG: Simply click on the “create/edit listing” link and submit your own username and password, then login as an official user of this site – choose your category and type of listing , enter your own details easily via the database tools and edit any time you wish !

With phase two of the site, HSC will be offering the added feature of ONLINE SHOW ENTRIES to any shows or events that wish to offer a way for exhibitors to enter and to charge their entries, stall fees and other show fees right online.

The benefits to show and exhibitor are many. One entry to fill out for the exhibitor who wishes to enter many horses. No blank on the entry form left unfilled, for the show to fret about and the ease of instant payment.

We hope that you will find Horse Show Central, the central place for current and across the board information about anything relating to the various horse industries in America.

If you're looking for a horse show, you'll find it here. Bookmark this site to place a compendium of national information at your fingertips!

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